The Pool Building Process

We understand that not everyone speaks construction language; nor have they built pools before, so we aim to educate our clients on the pool building process.

Let’s jump on in to understand our process…

  1. Permitting – Once the contract is signed, our team gets to work on submitting all necessary permitting and coordination through any homeowner’s association architectural review board and city/ county permit office, respectively. Once permits are submitted, we remain at the mercy of your municipality’s permitting review process and schedule.
  2. Mobilization – Once your permit is in hand, our Project Management team will begin to mobilize equipment and materials to start your project! We believe in efficiency and will not be on your property any longer than we must be.
  3. Excavation & Forming – We only take on a small number of projects, so once we begin excavating we will remain on site and quickly move to complete preparations for your concrete. This phase is when the construction mess begins, as we form your pool and dig out your soil.
  4. Rebar & Plumbing Stub Outs – Immediately after we excavate, all your plumbing and electrical lines will be set and stubbed out. We complete your plumbing pressure tests to ensure there are no leaks or line issues before concrete is shot. Rebar then is custom fit according to your pool plans and requirements. Rebar is placed to further strengthen your pool shell and reinforces the concrete structure.
  5. Concrete – The big day has arrived! Concrete is pumped through a hose and sprayed to form the shell of your pool. This process involved hand shaping the walls, floor, steps, benches, and any special features. Your pool with officially take shape within 1 day. From here the curing times begins.
  6. Waterline, Coping, & Decking – Your tile selections made during the design phase will now be installed. Tile that’s installed around the waterline (top of pool shell) is set around the entire pool permiter and then coping is placed on top of your pool beam. After your coping is set, we get to work on prepping your pool deck to receive your material.
  7. Equipment Connections – Plumbing and electrical that was stubbed out in the beginng stage, gets trenched all the way to your service yard. After that, we set your equipment and make all of the connections with our equipment technicians and electricians.
  8. Plaster – Plaster, commonly referred to as “pool color”, is the final major stage in construction. We will clean up the concrete pool shell in preparation to receive your plaster. We spray or hand apply your chosen plaster finish to make a smooth surface. After completion, the plaster finish will be cleaned again along with all the waterline tile and coping. We begin filling your pool with water the same day we plaster as plaster cures in water.
  9. Start Up– After your plaster is completed, we will immediately start up all your equipment. This allows the pumps and equipment to be tested while we balance your water chemistry over the next 28-30 days. Our technicians will check your pool and equipment regularly during this stage and make any necessary adjustments. We will also make sure the site is cleaned up and ready to be handed over. Right before the cure time is up, our service technician will schedule a free training session to get you familiar with the pool and all equipment functions.
  10. Swim Day – Congratulations, you’ve made it through the pool building process! Your dream pool is ready to be enjoyed. From here, we hand the pool over to you to enjoy however, we also offer regular maintenance if you decide you’d rather us keep care of it.

Important things to keep in mind in the pool building process…

While we wish we could snap our fingers and put your pool in immediately, we are luxury pool builders and there are a few things in pool construction that we cannot expedite without jeopardizing quality. Understanding the construction process and factors that contribute to it is important. Here are some time constraints that we cannot change:

  • Pool shells – We only build concrete pools. Proper cure time is 30 days.
  • Pool plaster –Proper cure time is 28 days and must be done after the shell has cured.
  • Acts of God – We work outside and cannot control weather conditions. We will adjust our construction schedule if faced with any inclement weather.
  • Material delays – Our Design team works hard to select materials that align with your construction schedule. When relying on suppliers, sometimes material delays happen. We will communicate any projected delays that may put your construction schedule back or suggest alternative materials to keep us on track.