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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Gather your updated property survey. A survey outlines all your building boundaries, property setbacks, and OCRM lines (if applicable). If you do not have one, we can provide you with recommendations for local surveyors. If you are under new construction, we will need your site survey that was completed with your builder.
  2. Decide on a firm budget. Transparency is key in working with us. We need to know your budget so we can set realistic expectations of what scope of work can be completed within your budget. 
  3. Schedule a preliminary call with one of our Design Consultants. This can be done by calling our office, emailing, or completing our online inquiry. We will give you a call to discuss your project, gather as much information up front, and let you know what we may need in addition to help the process along. 

Yes! One of our Design Consultants will be in touch with you to hold a preliminary call to gather project information and then will schedule an on-site visit with you. 

After your site visit, we will provide you with a rough budget estimate within 1 week based on the information provided to us. We consider this a rough budget to get you a general idea of what to expect. We only build custom pools not templated or insert pools so not one budget is the same to the other. In the budget we provide you, we will factor in current labor rates, materials, and use basic finishings to come up with this number. This should not be considered a final number but only act as a guide.

Our team works diligently to be the most responsive pool builder. Expect a response from our team within 24 hours of any online inquiry, phone call, or email.

Like in life, not all pool builders are created equally. You need to make sure your quotes are an apples-to-apples comparison. Pay special attention to the size, materials, and details included, and most importantly what’s excluded, from your quote. Your personal needs like budget, timeframe, and level of involvement should also be taken into consideration.

There are (3) main types of pools: Liners, Fiberglass, and Concrete.  

Concrete is typically the more costly of the three options however it’s often the most preferable when clients are looking to add a pool to enjoy for a lifetime.  

Budget is typically the largest driver when deciding on which type of pool to go with. 

“Gunite” is a fun and popular buzzword for concrete. The term gunite derives from the way in which the concrete is applied, pneumatically through a high-pressure hose. We only install concrete pools. Concrete provides the most durable construction method and has the largest structural stability when comparing the types of pools. Concrete also allows our designers the ability to provide any shape, size, or design a customer may want. It’s truly the only way to get a fully customized pool.